The Path Less Traveled

Panama Canal LocksClassic Program includes visits to Panama City , Mirafllores Locks, transit through the Canal, Soberania National Park , Camino de Cruces National Park , Chagres National Park and its indigenous community, Atlantic to Pacific Railroad and Forts at Portobelo National Park . Ideal for the entire family.





Day 1 – Wednesday – Panama City

Arrival at the International Airport . Greeting by one of our representatives and transfer to the hotel of your choice.

Overnight. Meals not included


Day 2 – Thursday, The Gold Route

The tour begins in the ruins of “Old Panama” (an archaeological and World Heritage site), from where the transfer of gold began toward the Caribbean Sea . We will make our journey which will take us to the following places: ruins of “Old Panama,” and King’s Bridge, followed by Soberania National Park , Camino de Cruces National Park , Madem Dam and Portobelo National Park .

Portobelo was a safe haven for the Conquistadors and a juicy target for the pirates trying to get their hands on the treasures of the New World . Portobelo is a World Heritage site and Monumental City of the Americas . It is said that Sir Francis Drake, a famous pirate that attacked the City, died off the coast of this area in 1596 and was supposedly buried in a lead coffin near what is now known as Drake Island .

Portobelo was the Atlantic terminal of two trails that crossed the rainforests of the isthmus, Camino Verdadero and Camino de Cruces. Escorted by one of our expert’s guides, enjoy this important and historical place, as well as the Church of the Black Christ and the small museum, used as the Customs Building in the town’s heyday.

Next, we will proceed to Colon City ; board the train for our return trip to the city. Enjoy this spectacular ride alongside the Canal.

Overnight. B. L.


Day 3 – Friday, Panama City and Miraflores Locks / Dinner and Folkloric Dance Show

This historical tour will begin with the “Casco Antiguo” (Old Quarters), built in 1673 after “Old Panama” was sacked and burnt. The predominant architectural style of the “Casco Antiguo” is French and Spanish colonial styles. This part of town is the home of the famous Golden Altar, the “Flat Arch,” churches and a cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the Grand National Theater, the Bóvedas (prison chambers), among others. At the Independence Plaza , a most beautiful building houses the modern Museum of the Interoceanic Canal , which we will visit, as well.

Next, we will continue to Flamenco Island , one the three islands, which form a causeway at the entrance of the Canal. Here we will have lunch and later proceed to the Miraflores Locks. Of the three sets of locks in the Canal, this is the closest to Panama City . From the Visitor’s Center, you will have an excellent view of a ship transiting the locks north or south-bound. In addition, there will be a short audiovisual presentation, other exhibits, and a ship simulator which you may operate.

In the evening, dinner and a Panamanian Folkloric Dance (Tipico) Show.

Overnight. B. L. D.

Day 4 – Saturday, Partial Transit through the Panama Canal – Half day

We will begin a partial transit of the Canal aboard a comfortable ship. Once the Panama Canal Authority Pilot, who will guide us through our transit, has boarded the ship we will follow our companion vessel through the transit of the Miraflores Locks. Once the water level has reached the Miraflores Lake level, we will continue to travel through the next set of locks at Pedro Miguel, where the ship will be raised 85 feet above sea-level so that we may enter the center of the Panama Canal . We will continue until we reach Gamboa.

The partial transit can begin either at Panama or at Gamboa. If it begins at Gamboa, you will be transferred to its dock on land, and return by ship.

Overnight. B. * L.

* Light Lunch (Brunch)


Day 5 – Sunday, A Valley in the Crater of a Volcano

El Valle of Anton, is located at the center of an extinct volcano, possibly the biggest in Central America . This valley is 600 meters above sea level with impressive panoramic views and a cool and pleasant climate. Upon arrival, we will visit the picturesque market of local indigenous crafts, where you will be able make purchases.

Next, we will visit El Macho Waterfall a nd the ancient petroglyphs. (If you wish you can go for a swim at the waterfall). Afterwards, we will visit El Nispero Gardens and Zoo. We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

For those who are seeking adventure, we recommend the Canopy. What a thrill to go from platform to platform among treetops. You should take advantage of this opportunity. The price of the Canopy is not included (price is per person).

Overnight. B. L.


Day 6 – Monday, A day in an Indigenous Culture

This fascinating adventure will begin early in the morning. Once we arrive at Chagres National Park , we will embark on small canoes that take us through Lake Alajuela and the Chagres River until we reach the friendly people of the Embera-Drua Community. Enjoy learning about their culture and traditions and have lunch in their thatched huts; it will be a diet based on fish and plantains.

You will also have the chance to take a tour with the “Medicine Man” who will explain the use of plants as natural medicines. You will have the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim before we return to the city at the village’s beautiful tranquil natural pool or at a waterfall, which is approximately 20 minutes walking distance. Do not forget to purchase some of their incredible crafts.

The Embera Indians are master artisans, known for their trays, fine baskets and high quality woodcarvings. In addition to crafting objects for sale, skilled woodcarving has many traditional uses in the Embera culture, including fabricating hunting weapons, canoes, paddles, household furnishing and ceremonial objects. The Embera have recently expanded their carving skills to tagua, known as “vegetable ivory”, and have created a unique and imaginative art inspired by the plants and animals of the rainforest. The Embera artisans carve the tagua with hand tools and polish the tagua with a series of fine abrasives; no varnishes or lacquers are used.

Overnight. B. L.


Day 7 – Tuesday, Departure or to Continue with the Extended Program

At the set time, our personnel will transfer you to the International Airport , for your return flight or continue with some of our extended programs. B.